outshine us all

the most humble kid i ever knew
you were gifted as you could be
back when we were mutual goobers
in our junior high history
but you were light years ahead of all of us kids
a whiz at science and math
you stayed on track and never looked back
as you followed your ivy path

but you never tried to outshine anyone
so go and be brilliant, your day has come
it’s time to answer that call
it’s time to
outshine us all

i was grateful to find you a decade ago
unassuming in the same way
you were dealing with your afflictions
and fighting them everyday
now i heard your mind has been silenced
and too, the struggle and pain
so i bid my goodbye to that kid and that guy
and the genius that you became

and you never tried to outshine anyone
be brilliant again, the race is run
it’s time to watch the stars fall
it’s time to --
leave this behind you --
it’s time to
outshine us all
outshine us all
you’re light years ahead of us…